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  1. “How to get the Perfect Impression
  2. “How to Remove Decalcified White-Spots in only 1 chairside Procedure”
  3. “How to make a Customized Chairside Whitening Tray in only a few Minutes”
  4. “Are you sitting Comfortably, (and save 10 years of your Dental Life) ? ”
  5. “Do you know what you’re doing inside your patients mouth”
  6. “Electric Rotary – Power Like Never Before in your hands !”
  7. “Do away with your old Composites, Giomers -  Esthetic Artistry, Therapeutic, Bioactive and they cost less! ”

Some of the Best Manufacturers, you will meet !

Shofu , DMG-America, Seiler and Brewer represent the future in technological advances in forward thinking dentistry. Should you be considering any of these companies, or need some advise about how and why to use any product or technique, please let us know. we CAN help you !!!

Our Manufacturers Partners


Proudly introduce their new Promise Vision 3D technology.

Allowing the operator to have "heads-up" comfort whilst keeping the perfect posture easily viewing the image magnified on the monitor - easily captured to electronic filing - come in to our center and see for yourself!

See The video & Learn more about SEILER MICROSCOPES


See The video & Learn more about SHOFU DENTAL



Why use the regular composites, when you now have the opportunity to restore with GIOMER.

This unique technology allows for therapeutic, bioactivity action with a material that helps the oral cavity in both flowable approved for Class 1-V as well as the packable Beautifil II with non-sticky handling perfect every time!


Get the perfect ergonomic seating for maximum comfort while you sit at work. Whether the latest in Saddle-Stools or supporting stools get the best with Brewer Stools !

See The video & Learn more about BREWER STOOLS


See The video & Learn more about DMG-AMERICA



DMG also introduces 'Chef-Inspired' flavors for their unique non-clumping Fluoride Varnish and Prophy Pastes along with the most accurate impression materials and Provisional and Permanent care materials!

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