Canada’s incredible workhorse unit for trimming all forms of mouthguard, bleaching tray and other thermoformed materials!

The only unit available in North America that is C UL US electrically approved for safety, legality and insurance

This unit has the ability to use 2 handpieces, very versatile!

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Perfect for the office who need a fast format for trimming their vacuumed materials!

Variable heat-settings allow for all types of thermoformed products. A must for anyone making bleaching-trays, mouthguards etc….the time you save will be invaluable….

Trimming a bleaching tray with scissors – 10-15 minutes 

Trimming a bleaching tray with Razertip only 90 seconds!!!

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The heavy-duty handpiece

  • Laser-welded tips – Less stress in manufacturing means that the industry’s longest lasting tips will now last even longer! Every tip is now laser-welded into every Razertip pen.
  • Front Ventilation Ports – No hot air trapped inside. Less contact between tip posts and pen body for cooler operation. Ceramic front plug (Heavy duty pens) and polymer plug (standard pens)
  • Mid-Body Ventilation Slots – That hot air has to go somewhere. Slots are strategically placed not to interfere with comfortable operation.
  • Rear Ventilation Slots (Heavy duty only) – The heavy duty pen has additional ventilation at the very back of the pen for the coolest operation ever!
  • Corrugated Front Pen Body – Beneath our comfortable foam grip lies our exclusive corrugated pen barrel, with more surface area for better cooling. Less direct contact between the pen body and the foam grip also means cooler operation.
  • Comfortable Foam Grips – Keeps your fingers comfortable while allowing for superb control.
  • Advanced Polymer Construction – Using the most advanced temperature resistant resins available today, this pen is built to provide years of dependable service.
  • Tapered Rear Pen Body – They are all about quality and comfort. Never before has this much design and engineering gone into woodburning tools.
  • Unconditional Warranty – All Razertip pyrography pens carry a full one year unconditional warranty (including fixed tips). Even if you drop your pen and break the tip – it is covered!