In the dental profession, many hours in the operatory are spent seated near your patients. Spending those hours in the wrong seat can cause poor posture, ultimately leading to muscular strain, which all too often escalates into serious injuries like musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Besides for causing chronic pain, these injuries can lead missed work days and even early retirement for doctors, assistants and hygienists.

Choosing the right stool increases your comfort and keeps you healthy, enhancing your efficiency and productivity. Explore our full line of ergonomic dental seating solutions below to find the one that’s right for your practice.

Brewer Ergonomic Dental Seating now features HybriGel™ foam ( click for flyer )

HybriGel features a patented manufacturing process that allows the gel to be directly infused into the foam. Brewer’s HybriGel is available on all models of the Ergonomic Dental seating line (9xxx), including the revolutionary Brewer DynaCore™, the only dental operator’s stool that provides 360° of balanced, dynamic movement. The benefits of HybriGel include:

  • Advanced Pressure Management – HybriGel works to support the body for superior pressure relief and alignment.
    The gel in HybriGel gathers in the areas that need extra support.
  • Cooling Comfort – While other memory foams can trap heat against the body, HybriGel is uniquely designed
    using an open cell structure to dramatically increase airflow and keep surface temperatures cool.

DynaCore 9400 Series

Brewer Design’s DynaCore seating system provides a safe,progressive way to activate and exercise the core muscles.

3300 Series

Classic ergonomic stool with contoured, synchronized seat and backrest tilt.

9200 Series

Ergonomic seating that features a deeper saddle-style seat and a smaller contoured lumbar support.

3100 Series

Classic ergonomic stool that features a contoured seat with easy-to-adjust back tilt.

11001 Series

Traditional stool that features a larger round seat with backrest option.


Benefits of a Saddle Stool

  • Better posture as the vertebrae discs align naturally, resulting in immediate improved posture with less spinal muscle degeneration.
  • Tension relief in the shoulder and neck area due to the improved positioning of the thoracic and cervical spine.
  • Deeper breathing occurs due to the stretching of the torso allowing for better circulation, resulting in less fatigue.
  • Improved mobility and reach is easily achieved as the legs are free to “scoot” around the operatory, while remaining seated.

Why the Brewer 135DSS?

  • Circular movement and tilt:
    • Unique 360° tilt makes movement easier and more natural.
    • Allows core muscles to become active in supporting the spine.
    • Strengthens spine stability muscles, pelvic and leg muscles.
    • Less pressure on the edges of the upper legs when moving side to side.
  • Split Seat design:
    • Improves circulation as there is no edge to press against your upper legs. The veins and arteries that carry blood to and from legs are in the most open position for improved circulation.
    • Offerings superior cooling comfort, resulting in improved genital health in both men and women.
    • Balances the pelvis in an upright position placing the weight over the “sit bones” and not the soft tissues.
    • Better hip abduction brings improved posture over narrower saddle seats.

9100 Series

Ergonomic seating that features a shorter, flexible saddle-style seat and a smaller contoured lumbar support.

2000 Series

Traditional stool that features a round seat with backrest option.

9000 Series

Ergonomic seating that features a longer saddle-style seat and a larger contoured lumbar support.