AEI (American Eagle Instruments) offers comprehensive lines of dental products designed for the forward thinking dental professional. Their product lines include diagnostic, curettes, scalers, titanium implant instruments, composites, restorative, cone socket instruments, and magnetostrictive ultrasonic inserts. AEI’s latest innovation is the unique Double Gracey™ instruments. Additionally, AEI provides associated dental products which include cassettes, sharpening systems, handpiece lubricants, and endodontic instruments.

American Eagle Instruments also offers state-of-the-art surface engineering technology, featuring the XPSM line of instruments. Our XP Technology instruments are fabricated using a patented surface engineering process that results in razor-sharp edges that start sharp and stay sharp longer than any carbon or stainless steel instruments available. XP Technology reflects the latest innovation in dental hand instruments – providing you with instruments that require NO SHARPENING!


Medical grade titanium. Will not damage titanium implants. EagleLite™ resin handles offer a unique ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue. 100% manufactured in the USA.






The Double Gracey instruments are two instruments combined in one. The face of Double Graceys are raised, creating two slightly sloped faces, approximately 110 degrees, measured from the terminal (lower) shank. This allows the operator to follow the Gracey technique, but with the economy of using universal curettes.


Replaces Gracey curettes 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, & 9-10 along with Universal curettes. Surface Engineered with XP Technology


Replaces Gracey curettes 11-12, 13-14, & 15-16 along with Universal curettes. Surface engineered with XP Technology.


Replaces Access and mini Gracey curettes 0-00, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, & 7-8 along with Universal curettes. Surface Engineered with XP Technology.


Replaces Access and mini Gracey 11-12, 13-14, & 15-16 along with Universal curettes. Surface engineered with XP Technology.



Since the XP curettes blades last so long without a need to resharpen, we have designed them to be the thinnest blades in the industry. This allows for easier access into periodontal pockets and interproximal areas for enhanced patient comfort. A rounded opposing edge reduces tissue trauma.

More Comfort and Less Fatigue:
An instrument that is always super sharp gives you superior tactile sensitivity, requiring a much lighter grasp. Only a slight amount of pressure is needed to lightly “plane” away calculus and tartar.

Lasts Months Without Sharpening:
XP Gracey curettes are designed to last months without the need to resharpen.

Sharpest Factory Edge Ever:
The unique characteristics of XP technology produces a razor sharp edge, that starts sharp and stays sharp, longer than any other stainless or carbon steel curette available on the market.

Saving You Time & Money:
When used properly, an XP curette will outlast any standard curette. Saving you money. By eliminating the need for sharpening, your time can be used more productively.

Satisfaction Guarantee:
Our products are the best on the market and you will be 100% satisfied with them when used according to manufacturer’s instructions!

Important Note: Once an XP instrument becomes dull, it is the manufacturer’s recommendation that the instrument be discarded. Using a dull XP instrument can lead to breakage. Use of a test stick to determine sharpness is advised. Using a dull XP instrument and sharpening can damage the instrument and will void the manufacturer’s warranty/guarantee.


Designed with the hygienist in mind, the Blackjack has a favorable blade design ideal for removing calculus and stains in all anterior and interproximal areas as well as access throughout the posterior. This instrument is surface engineered with our patented XP Technology.


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