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Latex Free, All varieties. Proven Styles, Quality Materials.
ScrewSnap-on, and LatchProphy Cup Styles are available.

AllPro prophy angles


Latex Free, Disposable Angle
with Non-Latex Prophy Cups.
Regular and ProphEase™

Disposable Prophy Angles are available.

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Non-Latex prophy products

for the smaller patients.

After working for several years for a major manufacturer of prophy cups, the founders of AllPro decided to break away and start their own company.

AllPro’s goal when it began their business was to produce quality products at a competitive price and to produce the largest selection of screwsnap-on and latch non-latex prophy cups on the market today. AllPro has achieved their goal. AllPro developed a unique manufacturing process that results in a clean, crisp prophy cup that will not come off the shank or mandrel. AllPro also found a way to eliminate “flash,” the residue particles left from the molding process.

Because some patients object to the odor created when using prophy cups, we offer “scented” non-latex prophy cups. These scented cups are available in various scents and allow the dentist and hygienist to use pumice and water to clean teeth, saving the dollars spent on various flavors of prophy paste.

The first disposable angles manufactured were suspect and often fell apart or froze up. We saw a need in this area and now offer two types of disposable prophy angles. Our regular disposable prophy angle and ProphEase™ ergonomic design and compact head angle These angles are guaranteed to get “through a prophy.” We have not only the best angles on the market but we offer it in four different durometers – Ultra Soft, Soft, Medium and Firm. A disposable brush with a non-latex is also available.

We offer a variety of screw, snap-on and latch brushes with non-latex or chrome bases.

In addition to our prophy cups, angles and brushes, we offer Protect-A-Lens disposable protective eyewear, an All-Wipe™ instrument cleaner, an All-Dri™ moisture control cotton padFloss and Interdental Travel Brushes.

AllPro takes the time to hand inspect our products to ensure that you get the best value for your dollar. We’ve built a reputation for high quality at an affordable price. Give our dental products a try and prove it to yourself.